From vision to reality.

BOMO in short.

BOMO Sunglasses is a fashion brand based in Bournemouth who offer high quality sunglasses at an affordable price. With flexible frames, protective lenses and premium packaging, BOMO sunglasses have gone the extra mile in creating fashionable unisex sunglasses at a fair price.

Our Story.

Two friends were disappointed to see consumers pay for either extortionately overpriced sunglasses or extremely cheap, bad quality and harmful ones. They wanted to create sunglasses that are fashionable, built with quality and comfort, provide maximum protection, and sold at an affordable price. After years of research, travel, and experiments, they created BOMO Sunglasses.

BOMO Sunglasses is a fashion brand based in Bournemouth which is a small town in the South of England. Bournemouth is renowned for its beautiful 7 mile long beach, and was voted #1 best beach in the UK 2018. Having been inspired by the stunning beach and coastline, the journey began with a few ideas and sketches, and soon enough a vision became a reality.

BOMO Sunglasses has the quality of a premium brand, but not the extortionate price. They care about being fair, and want every customer to have a memorable experience. BOMO have a vision to contribute to, and inspire, the local community’s creativity and encourage entrepreneurship.

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